Comparative religion for all human: By TM Kamal Pasha

 Comparative Religion For all Human: 


By TM Kamal Pasha   

Pillars of Islam

1. Imaan

"Amantu billahi wa mala'ikatihi wa kutubihi wa rusulihi wa al-akhiri wa al-qadri khayrihi wa sharrihi min Allah wa al-ba'si ba'dal-maut, la ilaha illa Allah".

 It is reported in Sahih Muslim: ... A man came to the Prophet and said "O Messenger of Allah, what is Imaan (faith)? He (the prophet) said: ˜That you affirm your faith in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Meeting, His Messengers and that you believe in the Resurrection i.e. Hereafter and that you believe in Qadr i.e. destiny. (Sahih Muslim Vol. 1, Book of Imaan, Chapter 2, Hadith 6)

Thus the six articles of faith of Islam are:

 i) Concept of God (The first article of faith in Islam is Tawheed i.e. belief in the one Unique Eternal Creator of all creation).

 ii) His angels

iii) His books

iv) His messengers

v) The Hereafter i.e. Life after death and

vi) Qadr i.e. destiny

Shahada: la Ilaha Illa Allah Mohammad Rasool Allah (Sahih Bukhari Volume 1 Book 12 number 794)

Say: "O people of the Book! Come to common terms as between us and you: that we worship none but Allah; that we associate no partners with Him; that we erect not from among ourselves Lords and patrons other than Allah." If then they turn back say: "Bear witness that we (at least) are Muslims (bowing to Allah's will)." (Sura Al-Imran 3:64)

Allah forgiveth not (the sin of) joining other gods with Him: but He forgiveth whom He pleaseth other sins than this: one who joins other gods with Allah hath strayed far far away (from the right). (Sura An-Nisa 4:116)

"They do blaspheme who say: "Allah is Christ the son of Mary." But said Christ: "O children of Israel! Worship Allah my Lord and your Lord." Whoever joins other gods with Allah Allah will forbid him the garden and the Fire will be his abode. There will for the wrong-doers be no one to help. (Sura Al-Maida 5:72)


2. Salat (Daily prayer):

Establish regular prayers at the sun's decline till the darkness of the night and the morning prayer and reading: for the prayer and reading in the morning carry their testimony. (Sura Al-Isra 17:78)

Therefore be patient with what they say and celebrate (constantly) the praises of thy Lord before the rising of the sun and before its setting; yea celebrate them for part of the hours of the night and at the sides of the day: that thou mayest have (spiritual) joy. (Sura Ta-Ha 20:130)

"Recite what is sent of the Book by inspiration to thee and establish Regular Prayer: for Prayer restrains from shameful and unjust deeds; and remembrance of Allah is the greatest (thing in life) without doubt. And Allah knows the (deeds) that ye do." (Sura Al-Ankabut 29:45)


3. Zakat (Alms giving):

"What Allah has bestowed on His Apostle (and taken away) from the people of the townships belongs to Allah to His Apostle and to kindred and orphans the needy and the wayfarer; in order that it may not (Merely) make a circuit between the wealth among you. So take what the Apostle assigns to you and deny yourselves that which he withholds from you. And fear Allah; for Allah is strict in Punishment." ( Sura Al-Hashr 59:7)


4. Hajj (Pilgrimage):

The first House (of worship) appointed for men was that at Bakka full of blessing and of guidance for all kinds of beings: (Sura Al-Imran 3:96)

"And casts forth what is within it and becomes (clean) empty" (Sura Al-Inshiqaq 84:4-7) 

"And hearkens to (the Command of) its Lord--and it must needs (do so)--(then will come Home the full Reality). (Sura Al-Inshiqaq 84:4-7) 

"O thou man! verily thou art ever toiling on towards the Lord painfully toiling but thou shalt meet Him.(Sura Al-Inshiqaq 84:4-7) 

Then he who is given his Record in his Right hand. (Sura Al-Inshiqaq 84:4-7)


5. Swam (Fasting):

"O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you that ye may (learn) self-restraint." (Sura Al-Baqara 2:183-185)

The month of Ramadhan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur'an, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion. So whoever sights [the new moon of] the month, let him fast it; and whoever is ill or on a journey - then an equal number of other days. Allah intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship and [wants] for you to complete the period and to glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and perhaps you will be grateful.

"I have only created jinns and men that they may serve Me. (Sura Az-Zariyat 51:56)

Comparative Religion