Comparative religion for all human: By TM Kamal Pasha

 Comparative Religion For all Human: 


By TM Kamal Pasha   

Quotation based on catagory:



Allah Himself said "I am Allah": Ta-Ha 20:14, An-Naml 27:9

All creation submit to Allah SWT: Al-Imran 3;83

Follow Allah follow Rasul saw: An-Nisa 4:13, 4:59, 64, Al-Maida 5:92, 24:54, 33:71 

Allah SWT, the best of planner: Al-Imran 3:54, Al-Anfal 8:30

Kun-Fa-yakoon: Al-Bakarah 2:117, An-Nisa 3:47 

Allah SWT test us with wealth, fear, hunger...: Al-Bakarah 2:155, Al-Imran 3:186, Al-Anfal 8:28 

There is only one Allah SWT: Al-Bakarah 2:163, Al-Anam 6:103

Repayment, who spends on Allah's way: Al-Bakarah 2:261,265

About Allah SWT (Ayatul Kursi): Al-Bakarah 2:255

Allah SWT promised Islam will supersede over all: At-Tauba 9:33, Al-Fath 48:28, As-Saf 61:9

Alah wont change them unless they change themself: Ar-rad 13:11

Prophets: (An apostle)

Muhammad(SAW) is Rasool: Al-Araf 7:158, Ibrahim 14:4, Al-Ahzab 33:40, Saba 34:28

Mohammad (SAW) last and final prophet: Al-Ahzab 33:40

Muhammad(SAW) is man like us: Al-Qaf 18:110, Muslim 2996 

No nation without an apostle: Fathir 35:24

Follow Allah follow Rasul saw: An-Nisa 4:13, 4:59, 64, Al-Maida 5:92, 24:54, 33:71

Jesus(pbuh) a word from Allah(SWT): Al-Imran 3:45

Jesus AS is a prophet: Al-Imran 3:49, Al-Maida 5:75

Promised Gospel to Jesus(pbuh): Al-Imran 3:48

Similitude of Jesus(pbuh): Al-Imran 3:59

Jesus AS did miracle by Allah's permission: Al-Maida 5:110

Statement of Jesus(pbuh): Al-Maida 5:72, Mariam 19:30

Mylord and your Lord: Al-Imran 3:51 (Jesus pbuh)

Crucifixion of Jesus(pbuh): An-Nisa 4:157-158

Jesus pbuh a Ruh from Allah SWT: An-Nisa 4:171

Allah's(SWT) question to Jesus(pbuh): Al-Maida 5:116

Quran: (The books)

Quran for the whole mankind: Ibrahim 14:1, 52, Az-Zumur 39:41

A book for every nation: Ar-Rad 13:38

Quran is Gods word: An-Nisa 4:82

Quran is from Allah SWT: Al-Jathiya 45:2

Quran revelation from Allah(SWT): Al-Anam 6:19,92, Yusuf 12:1-3, Ta-Ha 20:13, An-Naml 27:6, Al-Waqia 56:80

Quran's challenge: Al-Bakarah 2:23, Al-Isra 17:88, Al-Burooj 85:21-22

No contradiction in the Quran: An-Nisa 4:82

Quran the proof of previous scripture: A-Imran 3:3, Al-Maida 5:48, Yunus 10:37

My God and your God:

Statement of Jesus AS: Al-Imran 3:51, Al-Maida 5:72


Al-Imran 3:64, An-Nahl 16:125, Fussilat 41:33, Al-Imran 3:104


Completed deen: Al-Maida 5:3

Every child is born in Islam:

Then set your face upright for religion in the right state -- the nature made by Allah in which He has made men; there is no altering of Allah's creation; that is the right religion, but most people do not know. Ar-Rum 30:30

Narrated Abu Huraira:
Allah's Apostle said, "Every child is born with a true faith of Islam (i.e. to worship none but Allah Alone) but his parents convert him to Judaism, Christianity or Magianism, as an animal delivers a perfect baby animal. Do you find it mutilated?" Then Abu Huraira recited the holy verses: "The pure Allah's Islamic nature (true faith of Islam) (i.e. worshipping none but Allah) with which He has created human beings. No change let there be in the religion of Allah (i.e. joining none in worship with Allah). That is the straight religion (Islam) but most of men know, not." (30.30) (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 23, Number 441)

Narrated Abu Huraira:
The Prophet said, "Every child is born with a true faith of Islam (i.e. to worship none but Allah Alone) and his parents convert him to Judaism or Christianity or Magianism, as an animal delivers a perfect baby animal. Do you find it mutilated?" (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 2, Book 23, Number 467)

Pillars of Islam:

Iman: Al-Imran 3:64, An-Nisa 4:116,136, Sahih Muslims 1:2:6

Salat: Al-Bakarah 2:3,43,45,153, Hud 11:114 (5 times compulsory), Al-Hijr 15:98-99, An-Kabut 29:45

Fasting: Al-Bakarah 2:183-185

Hajj: Al-Bakarah 2:196, Al-Imran 3:96

Alms giving(Charity): Al-Bakarah 2;110, Al-Hasr 59:7, Ar-rum 30:39  An-Noor 24:56, Luqman 31:4, Al-Maarij 70:22-25, Al-Qiyama 75:31


Friday prayer: Al-Jumua 62:9-10


An-Noor: 24:30-31, Al-Ahzab 33:59

Forbidden food/action: (Halal/Haram)

Food: Al-Bakarah 2:173, 219, Al-Maida 5:3-5,96 Al-Anam 6:145, An-Nahl 16:115

Actions: Gambling, divining arrows-Al Maida 5:90

Riba/interest: Al-Bakarah 2:275,278

Sex: Al-Isra 17:32, An-Nur 24:30-34, Al-Ahzab 33:35


Ask knowledgeable person if you dont know: 21:6-7

Hold the ropes of Allah SWT: Al-Imran 3:103

Stand against oppression: Sahih Muslim 1/85

Danger of praise kafir: Al-Anfal 8:15-16


Truth vs falsehood: Al-Bakarah 2:42, Al-Isra 17:81, Anbia 21:18

Veil on their hearts: Al-Bakarah 2:7

Come to common terms: Al-Imran 3:64

Every one is responsible for their own sin: An-Nisa 4:110

No 2nd chance will be given: Al-bakarah 2:167, Al-Maida 5:36-37

Woman of the nation: Al-Imran 3:42

Miraj: Al-Isra 17:1

One day of Akhira is thousands years of dunia: As-Sajda 32:5

Shirk is not forgiveable: An-Nisa 4:116,168

When this life is greater than akhirat then you wont be forgivven: Al-Bakarah 2:86

No burden is unbearable: Al-Bakarah 2:286

Jesus AS is similar to Adam AS: Al-Maida 3:59

Allah does not like who spend unnecessary: Al-Araf 7:31

Have insight but cannot understand: Al-Araf 7:179

Life without purpose?: Al-Qiyama 75:36

You don't know what is good and bad: Al-Bakarah 2:216 

They are alive who give their live for Allah: 2:154

They can't help themself (Idol): Al-Araf 7:197


Allah make them Apes and Swine: Al-Maida 5:60, Al-Araf 7:166

Firaoah in Nile river: Al-bakarah 2:50, Yunus 10:90

Firaoah body a sign: Yunus 10:92

Purpose of life: Al-Qiyama 75:36 

Dua for make kafir not to see: Ya-Sin 36:9

Cannot finish writting his power: Luqman 31:27

Seal on nonbeliever's hearts: Al-Baqarah 2:7

Good news to Mariam: Al-Imran 3:45

Jesus AS will talk his todler age: Al-Imran 3:46

Injiil to Jesus AS: Al-Imran 3:48

Jesus AS is a prophet: Al-Imran 3:49, Al-Maida 5:75

Allah raised him(Jesus AS) alive: Al-Maida 3:55

They did not kill Jesus pbuh: An-Nisa 4:157-158

Allah SWT will ask Jesus AS: Al-Maida 5:116

Muttaki in one ayat: Al-Bakarah 2:177

Regarding new moon: Al-Bakarah 2:189

Life after 100 years for him like one day: Al-Bakarah 2:259-260

Quran the confirmation for previous scripture: Al-Imran 3:3, Al-Maida 5:48

Quran has the proof for knowledgeable: Al-Imran 3:3, Al-Maida 5:48

Story of Adam AS and Iblis: Al-Araf 7:11-26

Story of Musa AS and Firaoah: Yunus 10:75-94

Musa AS asked to see Allah SWT: Al-Araf 7:143

Mohammad SAW in taurat and injiil: Al-Araf 7:157


Commandments (Do’s):

Be kind to parents, relatives, wayfarers, the needy, orphans: (89:17-20, 93:9-11, 107:1-3)

Take care of the Orphans.( 4:3, 6:152)

Pay Haq of yatim: An-Nisa 4:2,6,10

Pay Dowry for woman(wife): An-Nisa 4:4

Inheritence: An-Nisa 4:11-12,176

Do follow the law Marriage and Talaq: Marriage-Al-Bakarah 2:221, An-Nisa 4:3-4 Al-Maida 5:5 and Talaq: Al-Bakarah 2:226-32, Al-Ahzab 33:49-50, At-Talak 65:1

Wear Hijab: Al-Araf 7:26, An-Nur 24:30-31, Sahih Bukhari 6:282

Say good things to people: (4:5, 4:8-9)

Be good to prisoners of war: ( 2:85)

Forgive the faults of others: (24:22, 45:14)

Establish regular prayers and pay Zakat (charity): (24:56, 31:4, 70:22-25, 75:31)

Wear pious clothes when you go to the Mosque: (7:31)

Provide evidence and truth. Produce your proof if you are honest: (2:111, 21:24, 27:64, 28:75)

Give thanks to Allah for everything: ( 2:172)

For the love of Allah, give help (financial) to kinsfolk, needy: (17:26, 90:11-17)

Free slaves: (90:11-17)

Punish those who hurt you in equal amount. Punish as you were punished. But if you show patience it'll be better for you. If you forgive then it is better: (6:126, 22:60, 42:40-43)

Be in peace: (2:208, 8:61)

Remind the Believers to do Good: (11:114, 51:55)

It is better if you give your charity in secret to the poor: (2:271)

Speaking good and offering forgiveness is better than giving charity and hurt or annoy people with it: (2:263-265, 3:134)

Do Good and ask for no Reward: (38:86, 42:23)

Fulfil your oaths, and promises, and be trust worthy to all people: ( 2:270, 3:76, 76:7-10)

Be a straight and upright believer: (46:13)

Pay back your debt, and give back what you held for others: (2:283)

Be patient and put your full Trust and Faith in Allah all the Prophets did: (38:17, 38:41-44, 74:7)

If you forget, then mention the Name of Allah Almighty: (18:24)

Seek knowledge and education: (39:9)

Lower your tone when you speak: (31:19)

Be humble: (26:215)

When you recite the Holy Quran seek refuge from the cursed Satan by Allah Almighty's Great Name: (16:98)

Say "Peace" to the ignorant ones: ( 43:89)

Fulfil your obligations and contracts: (5:1)

Blessed are those who reconcile between people: (4:114)

Remembrance of Allah’s name is greater than the actual Prayers: (4:103, 29:45)

Contact of loan sign: (2 man or 1 man 2 woman): Al-Bakarah 2:282

Call people to deen (Dawa): Al-Fusilat 41:33


Commandments (Dont’s):

Do not eat forbidden food: Al-Bakarah 2:173, Al-Maida 5:3, 5:90, Al-Anam 6:145, An-Nahl 16:115

Do not pray too loud, or too low in tone: (17:110)

Do not approach Prayer while you're lazy: (9:54)

Do not sever the relationship with your relatives: (47:22-23)

Do not steal the Orphans money or rip them off: (.4:2, 4:10, 17:34,)

Do not accept wicked and corrupt things: (4:2)

Do not corrupt the lands, the earth, people, creations: (7:56, 7:85)

Do not entrust the weak in mind with your wealth: (4:5)

Do not use the Mosques to divide the Muslims. Cursed are those who use the Mosques to divide the Muslims. They are liars: (9:107-110) (Hey Imams, are you listening?)

Do not enter the mosques that are used to divide the Muslims: ( 9:108)

Do not conceal the Revelations of Allah Almighty: ( 2:159, 2:174, 3:78)

Do not bribe or take bribery. Also, corrupt money is forbidden: (2:188)

Do not come to houses from their back doors, but come from the front and proper door. Manners of how and when to enter homes: (2:189, 24:27-30)

Do not divide the Muslims: (9:56)

Do not throw yourself into destruction: ( 2:195)

Don't be fooled by good talk: (2:204)

Do not be arrogant; it is a sin: (2:206)

Never hurt people with your charity: (2:263)

Do not teach the Glorious Quran for money. No reward: (12:104, 25:57, 42:23)

Do not over burden yourself: (2:286, 9:91, 23:62)

Do not be be divided: (3:103, 3:105)

Do not damage the earth: (5:33)

Do not cheat with balance: (17:35, 21:47)

Do not take credit for what you did not earn or deserve: (3:188)

Do not steal the women's and wives' wealth, or rip them off, or force them to give up from their wealth: (4:19-20)

Do not envy people! Do not be jealous of what people have: (113:5)

Do not lie on Allah Almighty. This is the greatest injustice: (39:32, 46:3-6, 60:12)

Do not associate partners with Allah Almighty: (4:116, 17:22, 25:2, 25:68 )(It is the biggest sin in Islam)

Do not kill those who tried to kill you and failed: (5:27-31)

Do not be a murderer: (:27-32, 17:33, and 25:68)

Do not be selfish, greedy and unjust in your demands: (9:58)

Do not utter slander: (60:12, 68:11)

Also, do not force your female right hand possession slaves into sex or prostitution when they desire chastity: (24:30-34, 33:35)

Do not be a bully: (60:8),

Do not force other people to convert to your religion: (2:256)

Do not pluck eye brow, fashioned teeth, draw tattoo on your body: (Sahih Bukhari 4886)

Do not make division in deen: Al-Anam 6:159

Do not kill a man without Justice: Al-Imran 3:93, Al-Maida 5:32

Do not have illegal sex: (Obstain from sex) Al-Muminun 23:5-6, An-Nisa 4-24, An-Nahl 16:71, Al-Ahzab 33:50-52, Al-Maarij 70:29-30

Do not marry forbidden woman: An-Nisa 4:23-25

Heaven and Hell: (Life after death)

Promise for righteniousness(Mumin): Al-bakarah 2:257,277 Al-Imran 3:57, Al-Maida 5:9, An-Naba 78:31-34, Al-Bayyina 98:8

Promise to the wrong doer: Al-bakarah 2:6-7, Al-Jathiya 45:9-10, Al-Imran 3:105,176, An-Nahl 16:106, Tauba 9:101, Al-Maida 5:41

Discription of Heaven: Al-Kahf 18:31

Description of hell fire: Al-Bakarah 2:24, An-Nisa 4:55-56, Al-qaria 101:8-11

Boiling water for hell occupier: Al-Hajj 22:19-22, Ibrahim 14:16, AR-Rahman 55:44, An-Naba 78:25

Life after death: Ya-Sin 36:78-81, Al-Jathiya 45:24-26, Saba 34:3-5, Al-Muminun 23:99-104, Al-Haqqa 69:4-12


Taking revenge: An-Nahl 16:126, At-Tauba 9:36, Al-Bakarah 2:190 

Jihad against kafir: Al-bakarah 2:190-194,216, 218, 244, An-Nisa 4:74,76, Al-Maida 5:35, At-Tawba 9:20,29, An-Nahl 16:126, At-Tahrim 66:9

Fight until there is no unbeliever: Al-Anfal 8:39

They are not Muslim: Al-Bakarah 2:8-14, At-Tauba 9:56


An-Nisa 4:89, At-Tawba 9:5

Promise of Jannat through Law, Gospel and Quran: At-Tawba 9:111

Act on them how much they act on you: Al-Bakarah 2:191-193

Killing/saving a man like killing/saving whole mankind: Al-maida 5:32

Fight against Allah?: Cut hands and feet from opposite side: Al-Maida 5:33

Right Justice:

An-Nisa 4:135, al-Maida 5:45

The best verse in the Quran An-Nisa 4:135 according to Harvard University.


About water cycle: Al-Hijr 15:22, Azumur 39:21, Al-Muminun 23:18, An-Nur 24:43, Al-Furqan 25:48-49, Ar-Rum 30:24,48, Al-Araf 7:57, Fatir 35:9, Ya-Sin 36:34, Al-Mulk 67:30, At-tariq 86:11

Sex of plant: Ta-Ha 20:53

Existencie of universe: Al-Anbia 21:30

Two types of water: Al-Furqan 25:53, Ar-rahman 55:17-18

Finger print: Al-Qiyama 75:3-4

New skin when body roasted in hell fire: An-Nisa 4:56

Hearing, sight and feeling(understanding): As-Sajda 32:9

Human development in mother's womb: Al-Mu'min 40:67, Al-Muminun 23:12-14, Al-Qiyamat 75:37-39, Al-alaq 96:1-2

Shape of the earth: An-naziat 79:30

Rotation of Sun: Al-Anbia 21:33, Ya-Sin 36:38

Sun a glorious lamp: Yunus 10:5, Nuh 71:16, An-naba 78:13

Expansion of the universe: Ad-Dhariat 51:47

Light of the moon: Al-Furqan 25:61, Nuh 71:16

Zoology: Spider(An-kabut 29:41), Ant(An-Naml 27:17-18), Bee(An-Nahl 16:68-69)

Breathing difficulties in higher atmosphere: Al-Anam 6:125

Woman from man's bone: At-Tariq 86:6-7

Mountains as peg: An-Naba 78:6-7

Over it are ninteen: Al-Mudaththir 74:30

Seven layer of the space: Nuh: 71:15-16

Iron: Al-hadith 57:25

Everything in pair: An-Nazm 53:45

Nibulea: Al-Fusilat 41:11

Statement of Ahle Kitabe:

Who wrote the book and says it is from Allah SWT: Al-Bakarah 2:79

Jews and Christians says they only enter to Jannah: Al-Bakarah 2:11

Kafir says Jesus pbuh is Allah: Al-Maida 5:17

Ahle kitabi misguide muslim: Al-Imran 3:69

Ahle kitabi mix truth with falsehood: Al-maida 3:70-71

There are many Ahle kitabi who read God's word and pray to Allah: Al-Imran 3:113-114

Jewish and Christians says they are son of Allah: Al-Maida 5:18

Jewish and christians say Ezra and messiah son of Allah: At-Tawba 9:30

Confirming prevoius scriptures: Al-Araf 7:157, As-Saf 61:6

Who are immortal:

They are alive who fight for Allah: Al-Bakarah 2:154, Al-Imran 3:169


An-Nisa 4:17, Al-Araf 7:153, Al-Furqan 25:70,71, Al-Qasas 28:67

When and how to say Astaghfirullah: Al-Bakarah 2:160


Religion before Allah SWT: Al-Imran 3:19

Ibrahim AS was a muslim: Al-imran 3:67

Christianity's trinity: Al-Maida 5:73, Al-Imran 3:151

No to trinity: An-Nisa 4:171

Religion other than islam won't be accepted: Al-Imran 3:85

Follower of the Quran is muslim: Al-Anam 6:125

Purpose of life:

Jinn and Man to serve Him(Allah): Az-zariyat 51:56, Al-Qiyama 75:36


All sin except shirk will be forgiven: An-Nisa 4:48

Polythiest will cast down to hell:Al-Naml 27:90

Punishment for adultery/theft:

Adultery: Al-Maida 4:15-16, An-Noor 24:2, Sahih Muslim 17:4194

Theft: Al-Maida 5:38


Every one is responsible for their own sin: An-Nisa 4:84, Al-Anam 6:164

The ten Commandments:

1.You shall have no other Gods but me. (Muhammad 47:19)

2.You shall not make for yourself any idol, nor bow down to it or worship it. (Ash-Shura 42:11)

3.You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God. (Al-Baqara 2:224)

4.You shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy. (Al-Jumua 62:9)

5.You shall Respect your father and mother. (Al-Isra 17:23)

6.You must not kill. (Al-Maida 5:32)

7.You must not commit adultery. (Al-Isra 17:32)

8.You must not steal. (Al-Maida 5:38-39)

9.You must not give false evidence against your neighbour. (An-Noor 24:7, Al-Baqara 2:283)

10.You must not be envious of your neighbour's goods. You shall not be envious of his house nor his wife, nor anything that belongs to your neighbour.  (An-Nisa 4:36)

Do not take them as friends: Al-Maida 5:51,57

Comparative Religion